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about Alpha Biz

Alpha Biz Commerce is an online platform company that combines the following elements: an internet marketplace for buying and selling small businesses; carefully selected data points relevant to the acquisition of small businesses; and a referral network of professionals. 



Here at Alpha Biz Commerce, we believe in keeping users out of the dark. Data points that would help buyers make informed decisions include financial, spatial and location-specific, industry-specific and key indicators for potential success.
Data Points

Make informed decisions with our advanced data points.

Advanced Search

Use our advanced search feature to get more specific results.

Map View

Use our map view to get a bird's eye view of businesses in an area.


Referral Network

Mergers, acquisitions and operations may require a number of parties other than the buyer and the seller. Our team has built an extensive referral network of necessary third-party legal, escrow, commercial real estate, accounting, and other professionals needed to move deals forward.

By joining our network, these professionals will experience great benefits from the marketing dollars we put into Alpha Biz Commerce. They will serve as the go-to resource in their area of expertise for what we expect to be an unlimited opportunity for growth and business development.