Stop Bad Mouthing the Competition and Start Selling

New sales people are prone to make mistakes and the mistakes they make can cost them their biggest sales. Yet so many of these mistakes are unnecessary. For instance, consider something your grandfather told you; you have two ears and one mouth, why not use them in that ratio? Inexperienced salesmen often talk too much and often end up flustering the potential buyer or talk themselves out of a sale… Read More »Stop Bad Mouthing the Competition and Start Selling

Selling Your Small Business

When selling your small business, you need to realize that the person buying your business is mostly concerned with how much money they will make. Nevertheless, it is up to you to explain to them how much work it is so that they do not misconceive what they are getting into. When explaining how much money the prospect of business buyer will make it is important to also explain the… Read More »Selling Your Small Business